Our Sustainable Legacy: From Pasture to Plate

When it comes to enjoying a delicious meal, the quality of the ingredients on your plate matters. That’s why New Zealand Spring Lamb has been a trusted brand for over 50 years, dedicated to bringing the finest grass-fed lamb to your table. But what sets us apart isn’t just our commitment to delivering exceptional flavor; it’s our unwavering dedication to sustainability. Let us together embark on a voyage that traverses the sustainable journey of New Zealand Spring Lamb, from lush pastures to your plate.

  • Raised Without Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

    At the heart of New Zealand Spring Lamb’s sustainability ethos is its decision to raise our lambs without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. This isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a conscientious choice that aligns with more natural and sustainable farming practices. As you savor each bite, you can appreciate that your meal is free from unnecessary additives, and the animals have been treated with care.
  • Pasture-Raised on Fresh New Zealand GrassesImagine a landscape of lush New Zealand grasses, swaying gently in the breeze. That’s the picturesque setting where New Zealand Spring Lamb roams and grazes. This practice isn’t just idyllic; it’s a nod to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to animal farming. Grazing on grasses is a regenerative practice that reduces the ecological footprint of the entire process. Knowing that your lamb has enjoyed a natural diet is not only heartening but also a testament to responsible farming.
  • Sustainable Farming PracticesSustainability extends beyond just what an animal eats; it encompasses how they’re raised. New Zealand Spring Lamb’s farmers are deeply committed to sustainable farming practices. This holistic approach to agriculture minimizes environmental impact, conserves resources, and promotes the long-term health of ecosystems. It’s not just about a meal; it’s about nurturing the land that provides it.
  • Emphasis on Animal WelfareSustainability isn’t limited to environmental concerns; it extends to the well-being of the animals themselves. New Zealand Spring Lamb prides itself on ensuring that its animals are humanely raised. They thrive in free-range environments that are stress-free and natural.
  • Full TraceabilityTransparency is a cornerstone of sustainability. New Zealand Spring Lamb goes above and beyond by offering full traceability of their lamb products. From our pastures to your plate, you can trace the journey your lamb has taken. This commitment to transparency and accountability in the supply chain contributes to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices.

Enjoying New Zealand Spring Lamb isn’t just about savoring a delicious meal; it’s about being part of a journey that respects the environment, prioritizes animal welfare, and ensures ethical practices every step of the way. From pasture to plate, our commitment to sustainability is evident, making us the top choice for a meal that’s not just a delight for our consumer’s taste buds but also for their conscience.



DISCLAIMER: The attributes of the New Zealand Spring Lamb brand may differ on each product. We advise consumers to review the product labels to find the specific attributes.

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